2018 R2RFF – Regular Short Films

Not Rated: Admission restricted to persons 18 years of age and older. Content not suitable for minors. May contain: frequent use of sexual activity, brutal/graphic violence, intense horror and/or other disturbing content.

  • A Teachable Moment (0:8:04)

A Teachable Moment Poster

“Pushed by her complicated child, a mother at wit’s end turns an uncanny situation into an unconventional teaching moment for her son in this short from SotW alum Jason Jeffrey. In A Teachable Moment, writer/director/editor Jeffrey delights us once more with his distinct brand of comedy (previously seen in Clown Face and Bonfire) and through sharp dialogue alongside hilarious, yet convincing performances, he makes this darkly absurd premise quite believable.” – Celine Roustan, ShortOfTheWeek

  • Moonchild (0:05:23)

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  • Three Fingers (0:12:30)

“Three Fingers, a short film directed by Paul D. Hart, is an effective representation of the nightmares and extreme stress that PTSD brings to the sufferer, and how a ‘normal’ life becomes almost all but impossible.” — Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Screenanarchy.com

“The movie perfectly captures the difficulty of a female Marine’s return to society, including the toll it takes on her relationships and interactions with others.  The entire story is economically told in only 13 minutes. Well done!” – [user review, non-critic]

  • Lawman (0:13:11)Lawman Poster

Based on True Events. It is 1875, Indian Territory. Bass Reeves, the first African-American deputy arrests an outlaw and brings him toward encampment. A battle of wills arises between them as the outlaw tries to escape.

“LAWMAN began its festival run with a world premiere at the Independent Film Festival of Boston in April of 2017. Since then, it has played over 50 film festivals worldwide, where it’s won seven awards on the circuit and played at multiple Oscar-qualifying festivals including AFI Fest, LA Shorts, Woodstock, Savannah, Bermuda, and many more. It won the Best Cinematography Award at AFI Fest, Best Student Short at the DC Black Film Festival and San Francisco Black Film Festival, Flagler Film Festival.” – lawmanthefilm.com

  • Bullet Time (0:05:30)

“Short animated film BULLET TIME directed by Frodo Kuipers and produced by Merlijn Passier, was selected by an independent committee of Dutch film professionals for Oscar® submission in the Animated Short Film category. In BULLET TIME, two cowboys face each other in a good old-fashioned shootout at a desolate street in a small village in the Old West. But when both of the colts fire their deadly bullets, those bullets immediately fall in love with each other, forgetting what they’re supposed to do! This has dramatic consequences…” – EYE International

  • Time and Space (0:01:15)

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  • All I Want (0:07:24)

“While the nation was only busy buzzing about ‘who wore what’ at Cannes as the festival stayed the talk of the town throughout the summer, Indian director Venika Mitra’s ‘All I Want’ out of nowhere became the first Indian film to win at Short Film Fest in Cannes film festival and gave the nation perhaps the right reasons to cheer and embrace the international film festival that takes place at the French Riviera every year.” — www.newsx.com

  • Crystal (0:16:34)

Crystal Poster

Cursed with a real crummy attitude and a boring hometown, 17-year-old Crystal relies on her passion for dance to escape the mundane life of rural Ontario and pursue her outsized dream of being a pop superstar.

“Though I loved all of the films in this shorts program [at the Atlanta Film Festival], I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had a favorite, and Chell Stephen’s tremendously funny character study CRYSTAL easily won out in this regard. It had me cackling loudly and literally throughout–from the moment where Crystal takes a slap in the opening shot, I was hooked. The director has a confident and raucous filmmaking style that’s an attraction unto itself (visually, the movie is as wildly bold as the character it’s portraying). But, for me, most of the laughs stemmed from Kate Stephen (the director’s sister) as the title character, a country girl with a rich fantasy life (heavily influenced by her favorite music videos) and absolutely no patience with anything or anyone she encounters. By the end of this 16-minute nuttiness, I was clamoring for about 80 minutes more with this riotous riot girl with the delicate bangs, the short-cut pink-t, and the stern face. Light the countryside on fire with Crystal’s name, folks, because once you see this film you won’t be able to forget its maker or its incredibly vivacious star–a one-two-punch of a sister team. “ – Dean Treadway, filmicability

“Director Chell Stephen has drenched this thing with the kind of zing that leaves you thirsting for more. I couldn’t tell you why we’re all gathered here to see this girl shake her moneymaker in a wet fever dream that mashes rural country life with the kind of dancehall pizzazz usually reserved for cabaret dancers. The line between reality and fantasy is overtly blurred but I could care less.” – Christopher Stipp, Slashfilm.com

2018 R2RFF – Short Films for Kids

Open to all ages.
  1. Mother (0:05:40) / Joan Chung; Matthew Fazari; Jason Maclaren – Canada
  2. Fulfilament (00:07:33) / Rhiannon Evans – UK
  3. The Egyptian Pyramids (0:03:36) / Nicolas Mrikhi; Corentin Charron; Lise Corriol; Olivier Lafay – France
  4. I Didn’t Have Any Ideas (0:00:40) / Hanna Kim; Ben Huff – USA
  5. The Racoon and the Light (0:03:48) / Hanna Kim; Florian Calmer; Ben Huff – US
  6. Puppy Training (0:00:52) / Li Wen Toh; Lucien Ye – USA
  7. Habitat (0:02:20) / Marcel Barelli – Switzerland
  8. Game Changer (0:02:40) / Aviv Mano – USA
  9. Long Time (0:03:52) / Cassandre Emanuel; Coyote Records – Canada