2019 R2RFF – Narrative Feature Films

All films to be considered Not Rated unless stated otherwise: Admission restricted to persons 18 years of age and older. Content not suitable for minors. May contain: frequent use of sexual activity, brutal/graphic violence, intense horror and/or other disturbing content.

  • Fast Color (1:41:12)
    A woman is forced to go on the run when her superhuman abilities are discovered. Years after having abandoned her family, the only place she has left to hide is home.

    Director: Julia Hart
    Writers: Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz
    Stars: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Strathairn, Lorraine Toussaint

  • Chuskit (1:29:19)
    To chase her dream of going to school in her remote Himalayan village, a feisty paraplegic girl locks horns with her tradition-bound grandfather.

    Director: Priya Ramasubban
    Writers: Jolein Laarman (Script Mentor), Priya Ramasubban
    Stars: Jigmet Dewa Lhamo, Morup Namgyal, Sonam Angchok

  • The Drawer Boy (1:38:52) (Rated PG)
    To research a play he’s in, an actor takes a job as a labourer on a farm owned by two lifelong friends.

    Directors: Arturo Pérez Torres, Aviva Armour-Ostroff (co-director)
    Writers: Michael Healey, Arturo Pérez Torres
    Stars: Stuart Hughes, Richard Clarkin, Sochi Fried

  • Extra Ordinary (1:34:21) (Rated R)
    Rose, a sweet, lonely driving instructor in rural Ireland, is gifted with supernatural abilities. Rose has a love/hate relationship with her ‘talents’ & tries to ignore the constant spirit related requests from locals – to exorcise possessed rubbish bins or haunted gravel. But! Christian Winter, a washed-up, one-hit-wonder rock star, has made a pact with the devil for a return to greatness! He puts a spell on a local teenager- making her levitate. Her terrified father, Martin Martin, asks Rose to help save his daughter. Rose has to overcome the fear of her supernatural gift & work with Martin to save the girl, get the guy and be home in time for a light snack…maybe yogurt or something…

    Directors: Mike Ahern, Enda Loughman
    Writers: Mike Ahern, Demian Fox
    Stars: Maeve Higgins, Barry Ward, Will Forte

  • Before The Plate (1:33:42) (Rated PG)
    Before the Plate follows John Horne, one of Canada’s most renowned chefs, as he traces the ingredients from a single plate of food from his restaurant all the way back to the farms they came from.

    Director: Sagi Kahane-Rapport
    Writer: Dylan Sher