Norfolk Popcorn PartyPopcorn Seasoning Contest

Anyone can compete to win prizes by entering this contest. Contestants can purchase a Norfolk County Popping Corn Contest Kit at participating retailers. Create your own seasoning, combine it with the popcorn, and then bring it to the Norfolk Popcorn Party.

Chef’s Popcorn Seasoning Contest

Chefs will prepare popcorn seasoning and compete in any category they wish: Sweet, Savoury, Spicy, Local Ingredients, Best in Show. For $1 per tasting experience, the general public will have the opportunity to taste the seasonings (on popcorn) at the Norfolk Popcorn Party, then vote on their favourites.

Popcorn String Contest

Anyone can compete to win prizes for Longest Popcorn String or Most Colourful Popcorn String at the Norfolk Popcorn Party. Popcorn strings must be made using Norfolk County popping corn.

Popcorn Fashion Contest (Kids aged 10-14)

Norfolk County students aged 10 to 14 can design and make clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, jewelry — anything that can be worn. And it must be made using popcorn! Winning designers will receive free passes to the Strand Theatre.

Popcorn Colouring Contest (Kids 9 and under)

Kids 9 and under can colour the Kernal Pops sheet. Submit to the kids’ activity area at the Norfolk Popcorn Party by noon on Saturday. Children and parents can attend the Kids’ Shorts program on Saturday at 10:30am.

Stores selling Ontario Popping Corn

  • Simcoe: Tommy’s Downtown, The Apple Place, Simcoe (opens in Sept.)
  • Delhi: The Second Mouse Cheesetique, Wholesome Pickins
  • Port Dover: C-Squared, Cashmere & Cobwebs
  • Port Rowan: C-Squared, Wiggans
  • Waterford: Ritzy Cakes & Eatery
  • Langton: Foodland
  • Vittoria: The Cider Keg, Kernal Peanuts
  • All Picard Peanuts locations