Thank you! See you at R2RFF 2018

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The organizers of the Routes to Roots Film Festival would like thank our sponsors, volunteers, filmmakers, and audience members for a fantastic inaugural film festival in Norfolk County. We hope to see you at next year’s event.

If you have feedback about your experience at R2RFF this year, please send your comments via our contact page.

Thank you!

Lead Volunteers:

  • Mike McArthur: Co-Founder, Sponsor Coordinator
  • Kent Rapley: Co-Founder, Film Conversion
  • Helen Button: Legal, Finances
  • Jim Carroll: Co-Chair, Poster Design, Sponsor Coordinator
  • Michael Chwastiak: Co-Curator, Media Contact
  • Dianne Cowan: Administrator
  • Nancy Hare: Finances
  • Valerie Hickey: Logisticsm, Finances
  • Valerie Holland: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Clark Hoskin: Website, Marketing, Publicity, Social Media
  • Robert Judd: Logo Design, Poster Design
  • Susan Judd: Promotions
  • Karen Matthews: Logistics, Sales, Gala Coordinator
  • Elana Post: Co-Chair, Co-Curator, Program Design
  • Josh Reid: Social Media
  • Eva Salter: Consultant

Thanks also to following folks who volunteered their time to make R2RFF a success:

  • Greeters: Cathryn Evans, Kelly Nunn, Elana Post, Bernie Mummery, Linda Rutherford, Stephanie George.
  • Ticket Takers: Judy Little, Mary Brunning, Kelly Nunn, Val Holland, Heather Chwastiak, Cathryn Evans, Nancy Neidrauer, Linda Rutherford, Stephanie George, Cindy Arn, Susan Judd.
  • Ushers: Frank Gelinas, Val Holland, Eva Salter, Mike Stayner, Brenda Sypher, Debbie Hickman, Mary Brunning, Junior Chiasson, Maureen Vandenberghe, Jean Montgomery.
  • Merchandise Sales: Aster Eastmure, Karen Baskerville, Susan Judd, Maureen Vandenberghe, Mike Stayner, Mary Brunning, Nancy Neidrauer, Dave George, Val Holland.
  • Ticket Sales: Dianne Cowan, Val Holland, Eva Salter, Val Hickey, Helen Button, Elana Post, Clark Hoskin.