Volunteers Welcome

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Thanks to all the new volunteers who attended last week’s Open House. We had an excellent turnout!

Volunteer Open HouseR2RFF needs all the helpers we can handle for…

  • Logistics
  • Merchandise
  • Galas
  • Promotions
  • Education
  • Curation
  • Volunteers
  • Legal / Finance

If you would like to volunteer, please download the R2RFF Volunteer Application Form and email it to info@r2rff.com.

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New this year to the Routes to Roots Film Festival will be a street festival in front of the Strand Theatre on Sept 21-22, 2018, specifically the …

Norfolk Popcorn Festival


  • Celebrate Norfolk County as Canada’s leading growing region of popping corn
  • Support visits and raise awareness of the Routes to Roots Film Festival
  • Promote sales and consumption of local food, including popcorn
  • Promote visits to downtown Simcoe and purchases at local merchants

Ideas for Activities:
1. Popcorn-seasoning contest / tastings featuring local chefs and amateurs
2. Popcorn art & sculpture competition
3. Popcorn fashion contest
4. Popcorn strings & twinkle lights in downtown Simcoe
5. Popcorn displays in merchants’ windows with contest
6. Sales of unpopped popping corn
7. Education displays about popping corn production, nutritional merits of popcorn
8. History of popcorn
9. Poetry writing contests involving popcorn as a subject
10. Kid’s video-making contest promoting Norfolk popcorn

If you would like to get involved, complete the Volunteer Application Form above and email it.