It’s National Volunteer Week!

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Did you know that Routes to Roots Film Festival is COMPLETELY organized and run by volunteers?

Here are just a few of our many, many volunteers:

Jim Carroll

Elana Post
Valerie Hickey
Karen Matthews
Helen Button
Kelly Morin-Currie
Jamie Rodgers
Valerie Holland
Michael Chwastiak
Clark Hoskin
Cathy Evans
Connie Forsyth
Sue Downs
Tracy Haskett
Conlan Williams
Josh Reid
Heather Reichheld
Brian Reichheld
Judy Little
Livia Townsend
Suzy Miller
Amanda VanSchyndel
Linda Slade
Brian Reichheld
Liz Storoschuk
Mirjana Vucic
Nick Kinkel
Sarah Allen
Jessica DeDecker
David Puddy
Danielle Richardson
Jim McGimpsey

Kent & Cindy Rapley (The Strand Movie Theatre, Kwic Internet)
Mike McArthur (Burning Kiln Winery, Long Point Eco-Adventures)

Eva Hogrebe Salter

Thank you! And thank you to all of the volunteers that come out and help on the weekend of R2RFF. We cannot succeed without you!

Thank you to our fellow volunteers at R2RFF

Check out R2RFF at, Twitter: @r2rfilm Instagram: r2rff
Facebook: Routes to Roots Film Festival