R2RFF Film Fest Award Winners

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The Routes to Roots Film Festival 2018 awarded the following prizes:

R2RFF Film Awards

  • Jury award for Best Narrative Feature Film:
    Sami Blood, writer/director Amanda Kernell
  • Jury award for Best Narrative Short Film:
    Bullet Time, writers Rudi Brekelmans, Frodo Kuipers and Merlijn Passier, director Frodo Kuipers
  • Jury award for Best Children’s Short Film:
    Fulfilament, writers Rhiannon Evans and Joe Murtagh, director Rhiannon Evans

Norfolk Popcorn Party Contests

Professional Chef’s Popcorn Seasoning Contest Winners

  • Best Savoury – “Italian Spice” – Barrel Restaurant
  • Best Spicy – “Coco Chili” – Blue Elephant Restaurant
  • Best Sweet – “Coco Curry” – Blue Elephant Restaurant
  • Best Local – “Lavender Bliss” – Kerry’s St James Eatery
  • Best in Show – “Coco Chili” – Blue Elephant Restaurant

Home Chef’s Popcorn Seasoning Contest Winners

  • Spicy:  Adaya Goode
  • Sweet:  Faith Atkins and Grace Weaver
  • Savory:  Brianna Smith
  • Local:  Amanda Kovacs
  • Best Overall:  Amanda Kovacs

Popcorn String Contest Winners

  • Longest Popcorn String (Best in Show) – Jasmine Klunder, Waterford. 22.2 metres
  • Most Colourful Popcorn String – Katelynn Albanese, Waterford, 11.25 metres
  • Longest Popcorn String – Teen (>12) Honourable Mention – Dominic Knwez, Waterford, 22.0 metres
  • Longest Popcorn String – Kids (<12) Honourable Mention – Joshua Novelli, Bealton, 7.4 metres
  • Longest Popcorn String – Adult (19+) – No entries

Popcorn Fashion Contest Winners

  • 1st Place: Teagan VanRooy and Neve Licskai
  • 2nd Place: St. Joseph’s Transition Class
  • 3rd Place: Diana Sajewicz
  • Honourable Mention: Michaela Meckiff