Popcorn dressDid you know that Norfolk County is the Popcorn Capital of Canada? Most of us love to eat this tasty treat, but have you ever considered OTHER ways popcorn can be used?

We are looking for fashion-forward designers to use popcorn (popped or un-popped) to design clothing, shoes, accessories or jewelry in a unique way.



Any Norfolk County student aged 10-14.


POPCORN FASHION! You can design and make clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, jewelry – anything that can be worn. And it must be made using POPCORN! Winning designers will receive free passes to the Strand Theatre.


Submissions may be submitted to the Norfolk Administration Building, 185 Robinson Street, 2nd Floor, until Friday, September 21.


All submissions will be on display during the Norfolk Popcorn Party at R2RFF, Robinson Street in front of Strand Theatre, September 22.