Norfolk Popcorn PartyHere are the winners of the Longest Popcorn String Contest at Norfolk Popcorn Party:


  • Longest Popcorn String (Best in Show) – Jasmine Klunder, Waterford. 22.2 metres
  • Most Colourful Popcorn String – Katelynn Albanese, Waterford, 11.25 metres
  • Longest Popcorn String – Kids(<12) – Dominic Knwez, Waterford, 22.0 metres
  • Longest Popcorn String – Kids (<12) Honourable Mention – Joshua Novelli, Bealton, 7.4 metres
  • Longest Popcorn String – Adult (19+) – No entries

Popcorn String Contest Rules

  1. Popcorn on strings must be made using Norfolk County popping corn. Each entry must be accompanied by a proof of purchase or receipt or empty bag(s) of Uncle Bob’s (Ontario Popping Corn Co.). See list of retailers below or order online at
  2. Only popped popcorn is allowed on the string. No other objects are allowed between popcorns on the string.
  3. Popcorn can be coloured, dyed, painted, stained or decorated.
  4. String material should consist of mercerized or sturdy thread, heavy embroidery floss, or strong fishing line.
  5. Each entry must measure a minimum of three (3) metres in length.
  6. Contest measurement will be from “First Popcorn” to “Last Popcorn” in a contiguous line. The string is not part of the measurement. Measurement of entries will be conducted by judges designated by the Norfolk Popcorn Party.
  7. Judges will be allowed to push popcorn along the string to reduce the number of gaps. Gaps between popcorn will be measured and deducted from total length. Judges may disqualify an entry if it has too many gaps.
  8. If the string breaks during measurement, it may be knotted together immediately at the discretion of judges or it may be disqualified.
  9. The decision of judges is final.
  10. Every qualified popcorn string entry will be tagged with the entrant’s name and hung above the streets of downtown Simcoe during the event.
  11. Entries become property of the Routes to Roots Film Festival Norfolk Popcorn Party.
  12. Entries will not be returned.

Stores selling Ontario Popping Corn

  • The Apple Place, Simcoe (opens in Sept.)
  • Foodland, Langton
  • The Cider Keg, Vittoria
  • Kernal Peanuts, Vittoria
  • All Picard Peanuts locations
  • Wiggans, Port Rowan

Tips on making Popcorn Strings

  • Work with unsalted, unbuttered popcorn. An air popper usually works best.
  • 1 cup of popping corn kernels, when popped, typically cover 3 to 4 feet of thread.
  • Freshly popped corn can break easily and is usually too fragile to thread. Let it sit out for
    a day or two, so it becomes less brittle, making it easier to string.
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